Integrating Therapeutic & Medical-Based Massage to nourish your body, mind, & soul.
Using an individually sculpted & holistic approach to support your needs.

Mobile Massage Therapy

Dragonfly Integrative Wellness, LLC is a mobile massage therapy business owned by Brittany Roemisch, LMT. Mobile massage means, I come to you! You never have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the healing benefits of massage.
A convenient way to maintain your health on your own schedule.
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Here is what my clients are saying...

  1. Brittany is one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered. I believe it is not only her deep knowledge of the body but her intuitive skills that give Brittany the ‘magic’ in her work. Brittany is extremely professional and generous with her time. She is also very thorough in getting to know you and what challenges you are bringing to the table so she can know how to help you best. I’m so happy to have found such an amazing MT!
    Christina S.
  2. Brittany is probably the only massage therapist that I've had that is so aware of the body & what will help you out the best in the appointment. Brittany is one of those people that has healing hands & continues to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the massage. She also has amazing plans post massage for you to do until the following massage. I would recommend her to anyone I know or over hear trying to find an amazing massage therapist!!!
    Scott C.
  3. She was amazing. I felt so good the next day. She had healing hands. No one else is allowed to touch me.
    Lindsey W.
  4. Brittany gives the best massages. She always inquires what are your problem areas and if anything needs attention. Every massage I have received I always feel it was custom to my needs even when my needs change.
    Angela L.
  5. Brittany is very thorough and always tries to discuss areas of concern at all times. Her knowledge shows as well as her true caring side to ensure your comfortable through her actions. With each visit I can expect a review of how I have felt since the last session and if I noticed a change. She always suggests things I can do between massages to help build my areas to help me reach the best level of feeling good everyday. Just love her process because I can see she really gets involved with her clients and understands that it is all about a healthier you.
    Cal L.
  6. Brittany is very knowledgeable, thorough, and super friendly. She is a great massage therapist and I would recommend her to anyone.
    Monica C.
  7. Always professional and insightful to my changing conditions. Brittany has my complete trust and confidence when I feel at my worst.I would not consider using anyone else to help me. She truly understands.
    Elkin M.
  8. Brittany is very talented. She could tell by touching my muscles exactly how I use them or abuse them. She also found the points that were problem areas without me even having to mention it to her. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and knew just what to do to make me feel better. I had a knot in my shoulder for years and no one ever was able to relieve it. She did gua sha on that area and I haven’t felt the knot as bad since. She definitely helped it. I left her feeling great! I highly recommend seeing her.
    Cassandra C.