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March Meditation: Grounding & Gratitude

Welcome to Week 1 of March Meditation

The focus for this week is grounding and gratitude. These are two concepts that we encourage you to come back to often in your meditative or yoga practices and as a simple check in. Below, you’ll find a list of meditation ideas and resources to choose from for this week (including TWO guided audios from Meditation 30). Click any of the links for additional supportive resources.

Grounding Meditations

Grounding meditations (sometimes referred to as earthing) helps you reconnect to nature and encourages you to find your center. If you don’t tend to venture outside into the grass barefoot, then you’ve likely had some kind of rubber soles separating you from the Earth's magnetic field below. Simply walking barefoot in your yard can improve your mood, boost your immune system, and support cardiovascular health.

  • Earthing Meditation 30 document

  • Walking meditation from Meditation 30 (7:30 audio)

  • Gardening or yard work

  • Give yourself a foot bath

  • Sit and read by a tree or just sit and breath

  • Connect to your Root Chakra: Wear or visualize the color red, eat root vegetables

  • Add tree, mountain, or child’s pose to your yoga practice

  • Sleep!! Take a nap, go to bed early, or sleep in when you can.

  • Get acupuncture, a massage, or even a pedicure!

  • Listen to Root Chakra Music here or listen below


Gratitude Meditations

Expressing gratitude is a great daily practice. Gratitude goes beyond being thankful for other people and certainly includes ourselves, our surroundings, and even our food. It’s important to remember that not all meditations are about sitting in stillness and reflecting, but it can also be rooted in movement, action, and expression.

  • Start a gratitude journal or a gratitude section of your journal/planner

  • Start a gratitude jar for your family, reflecting on them once a week or once a month together.

  • Guided meditation from Meditation 30 (9:14 audio)

  • Follow this "Grounding Into Gratitude" yoga practice from Yoga With Adriene

  • Give yourself a hug!

  • Set an intention to be mindful of opportunities to express thanks to other people, animals, surroundings, situations, and self.

  • Take 20 min to an hour to write and mail gratitude letters.

  • Practice mindful cooking and eating by thanking the food on your plate and what it took for the food to get there

  • Remember that gratitude is more than the ‘good’ things but also the challenging moments.

  • Practicing mindfulness and observing your environment enhances your ability to be grateful for all that surrounds you.

Give gratitude to yourself for showing up, no matter how you showed up

Feel free to check in with us below in the comments, on social media, via email, you can even text us on the number at the bottom of this page. Keep a look out on our Instagram and Facebook stories for what we are doing this to express gratitude and find grounding in our meditations.

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