What To Expect

We believe that each client has a unique set of needs that cannot be met simply by using singular techniques. This inspires us to create individually sculpted treatment protocols that combine multiple restorative and healing modalities. Although Massage Therapy is one of the main therapeutic modalities often used to treat the physical body, it will likely be combined with one or more others for the best possible results.

All sessions & cost include

  • Consultation / Follow up

  • Treatment

  • Post - treatment Review

  • Emailed Overview of Plan and Recommendations (if applicable)


  • Your initial consultation is typically longer because we want to be thorough in creating the best treatment plan and getting to know you. You will be required to book via the New Client Session to ensure we allot enough time for both intake, assessing treatment goals and plans, and your first hands-on session.

  • Follow up consultations vary in length. We will review your progress since your last treatment, discuss any changes you've experienced, and any new concerns or goals you may have.

Are there add-on fees?

  • No. We work based on our time with you. For example, during your consult, or even halfway through the treatment, if we decide that adding cupping would be best for you, we won't add any extra fee.

  • We want to be able to give you the best possible restorative healing experience. The body, mind, and spirit are ever-changing, even during the time we are working with you. This means that treatment plans should be able to flow with the changes as we peel through layers of the energetic body or work through the muscular system.

  • We also do not accept gratuity with your services. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Are there Covid-19 precautions?

  • Yes. We have always followed strict cleaning protocols and continue to do so.

  • Masks will be worn by the practitioner and client upon entering the clinic and through the face up portion of your session.

  • Appointments will need to be rescheduled IF:

  • You have a fever of 100 degrees or higher within 24 hours of your session

  • You recently had any respiratory or flu-like symptoms (sore through, shortness of breath, sudden rash, muscle fatigue, coughing, sneezing, or any new symptoms listed by the CDC).

    Vaccinated clients

  • We follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, which are ever-evolving, so please be sure to read over them at the CDC website.

  • Currently, we are not requiring any clients to reschedule appointments upon return from domestic travel, however, please continue to communicate with us so we can provide the best healing space for both you and our other clients.

Do I have to wear a mask for yoga?

  • You do not have to wear a mask during your private yoga session unless you prefer to. Yoga mats will be space out accordingly for social distance.

  • The instructor will wear a mask if hands on cues or adjustments are part of your session.